"Dot"  Glentarella Dot

Dot is a young girl bred by us. Her mum is Prada whom we still have but is retired from breeding and is enjoying the farm life here at Glentarella. Her Dad is Wally and he is still on this website also a retired old man and is also loving farm life here altough he prefers the couch these days.

Dot is a very active girl and take to obedience naturally. When out in the paddock she is alway right at my heel ready for action and runs around with me when out on the ATV. I have done very little training as she just does the right thing nearly every time. when working my cattle she is one of the dogs I go for to help me after her mum, Prada. Dot is just a delight to work with.

Dot is also very much a cuddly dog. If you sit down she is on you lap for a cuddle or will happily snuggle up beside me when having down time watching television.