"Indie" Arajoel Rainbo Indigo

Indie comes to us from Thea Parr and is our first breeding bitch. She is a tri coloured blue merle and carries the chocolate gene as well. Her puppies will be a mixture of black & white, chocolate & white, blue merle and choclate merle. The tri colouring will only show up in her pups if we breed her to another tri colour. She has been genetically tested and is clear of CL, CEA & TNS. She has been hip & elbow scored, her hips are 1:1 and her elbows are 0:0.

Indie is an incredibly agile dog. On her first day in our home, she climbed onto the couch and later climbed into a drawer for a little sleep. She is the fastest dog we have and can turn on a dime. She never goes around an obstacle, she always goes over it. This includes couches, people's legs and other dogs.

Indie has a very strong toy drive and loves food, both traits will help us at training but she is quite independent so basic obedience drills leave her unmoved. Agility on the other hand, she is quick and clever and (sadly) often looking back over her shoulder waiting for the human to catch up!