"Wally" Deitmahr the Brave One

Deitmahr The Brave One is known as Wally in our house hold. He comes to us from Dianne Whiteside and she has instilled in him an absolute adoration of humans! Wally can be quite demanding when part of a group, constantly seeking attention ahead of the other dogs. However, if you remove the competition he transforms into the most gentle, loving fellow.

Wally is our show dog and we could not imagine a better temperament for the show ring as Wally adores attention and is never happier than when every eye is upon him!! Wally has strong black and white markings but is a true 'working' type - at play with the other dogs he 'eyes' them and herds them into a group constantly (not that they take much notice) and when he extends his gait, he covers the ground with a floating, effortless stride.

Wally is our stud dog and is a classic black and white who carries chocolate lines, if bred to a chocolate or bitch carrying chocolate, he will produce chocolate puppies as well as stunning black and white puppies. Wally has been genetically tested and is clear of the genes that cause CL, CEA & TNS. Wally's elbow score is 0:0 and his hip score is 2:3.