Ardenwood Cally

After many years of looking for the right blue merle to join us, we found our sweet Cally. Cally is just a dear little girl who loves to cuddle - and likes nothing better than being with us whenever she can. She is gentle and kind. She is petite girl who is very light on her paws and enjoys climbing - climbing hills, climbing big rocks and climbing onto couches and laps!

Cally has had her genetic testing and will never develop or pass on CEA, CL & TNS. She has had her hip and elbow scoring and has a 2:2 for hips and a 0:0 for elbows.

Obviously she carries the merle gene and we hope to welcome merle pups from her in the future! (We love the merles!) She also carries tri colour, so with the right partner - we may see pups with tri markings too.