Bella (Maraloy Bella Mia)

Bella is a truly precious girl. She comes to us from Ms Helen Edmondson of Maraloy Border Collies. Helen has allowed us to use her boy Sandy (Marakel Blue Blaze Sand Man) in the past as a stud dog and finally we have welcomed one of his puppies to be our very own!

Bella is a tall rangy girl with the kindest heart. Her red colour is eye catching and she is beautifully marked. Bella also carries the dilute gene so we hope in the future to welcome black & white, red & white and blue & white puppies from her.

Bella does carry the gene for Collie Eye Anomoly so we will be careful to mate her only with dogs who are clear of that gene. Pups from Bella will go on the limited register and will not be available for breeding, to ensure that that gene is not passed on to future generations. 

Bella has been hip & elbow scored with a hip score of 4:2 and an elbow score of 0:0.