Nox (Glentarella Goddess of Night)

Glentarella Goddess of Night or 'Nox' is a strikingly beautiful dark border collie.

Nox is a very lithe fast border collie with effortless floating gait - she has amazingly fluid movement and is incredibly fast!

Nox was bred here at GlenTarella Borders - her parents are Wally and Prada. Nox is a smart gentle girl like Prada but is better built and this is obvious in her movement. She is a dear girl who loves to snuggle on the couch and has the lovely, inherent good manners of a border collie - she doesn't jump, she sits by you and gently leans into you for attention.

Nox is clear of the genetic diseases we can test for, she carries red so she could have red pups if she is mated to a boy who also carries red. She has hip and elbow scores of Hips 2:2 & Elbows 0:0.