Cleo CCD RN was born on 7 April 2009 and came to us shortly thereafter. Cleo is Emma's special girl and rules the house and all the other dogs. As a pet, she is desexed. Cleo is in our view, the perfect dog. She is calm and steady when out and about for a coffee or a competition. She is friendly with other dogs and adores all people. She has such a beautiful caring nature and is a pleasure to know.

Cleo & Emma tackled obedience together and Cleo was our first competition dog. Cleo was a lovely strong competitior who never broke a stay but after obtaining her CCD title, and two passes in her first three attempts at Novice, she has chosen to retire herself from competition. Cleo does not have a strong toy drive and retrieving and jumping are not her thing so we did decide that she would retire once she obtained her CD title. Cleo decided differently and simply refuses to heel now in compeition.

However, Rally-O has since been introduced at our club and Cleo enjoys it much more. She has also recently achieved her Rally-O Novice title. She will continue to compete as long as she remains interested!!

Vale Cleo 21 October 2016 after a sudden illness.

Gone too soon from my arms, but never from my heart.