Uttercharm Steal the Night

Arlo comes to us from Uttercharm Border Collies and we were very glad to have him. He is a lovely rangy fellow who has a show-stopping head. He is a lovely friendly fellow and gets along with our other boys and loves the girls! He is very cat like in his affections and loves to rub and nuzzle against you for pats. He is very difficult to photograph because he has a overpowering affinity for poo - so as soon as he is clean and pretty, he hunts out the nearest pile and is adorned with a green smudge on the neck! Still, he is very lovable!

We showed Arlo in his younger days and he was at home surrounded by the hustle and bustle of hundreds of dogs and handlers, he is happy on our farm and loves being out and about in the car.

He isn't particularly keen on chasing stock, but does love a good game of zoomies with his border collie mates. His special friend is Athena (a retired older girl) and they are a lovely black & white pair racing around making all the other dogs bark in envy.

Arlo has been hip & elbow scored with hips of 0:1 and elbows of 0:0. He has had his gentic testing done and sadly has inherited the gene for NCL from his father (this makes him a carrier)- this is a shame but his father is of such excellent lines, we felt the risk of the gene was worth everything else he brings to the table. We'll ensure Arlo is never bred to another carrier for NCL to ensure the gene doesn't affect any progeny, and will test any breeding stock we keep from him, to ensure the gene will not continue into the next stage of our breeding program. 

Arlo is a lovely black & white boy who carries the genetics for red & white and tri - colour markings so we should see some different colours popping up in his litters.