"Gunner" Cumbeynd Runamuck

Gunner came to us from our very old family friend, Mrs Melanie Kelly of the Cumbeynd prefix. Mel's dogs are working dogs and make excellent pets and performance dogs. Mel contacted us in 2012 and told us she had a pup she would love to keep but it just wasn't possible for her to keep him at that time. It took us a split second to make the decision to take on Gunner.

Gunner has thrown true to Mel's type, being an incredible working dog. He is a lovely big dog with plenty of bone. His coat has turned out to have a rather interesting curl which we didn't want him to pass on, and he has been desexed. Nonetheless he remains a real ladies' man and his girls love him to bits.

Gunner & Emma train in obedience, Rally-O and agility. He is a dog with a very strong food and toy drive which makes training a pleasure. He has started competing in obedience and Rally-O. His lack of sucess to date rests more with the human part of the partnership and is not reflective of his ability.

He is a very focused dog who will fly off the paddock to his toy for a game of tug when released during training, but has enough discipline to 'leave it' on command and come back onto the paddock to work at distance and off lead without distraction. He is tireless when it comes to fetch and will play all day.